Carmen Beauty,

Bonfire Night Hair Tips

As we say goodbye to October and welcome November, the days get darker and nights get colder. Carmen are going to give you an early Christmas treat by sharing easy to do bonfire hairstyles, to make sure you are looking fabulous this weekend.

Tip One

Firstly, if you’re wearing your hair down this bonfire night, why not go for classic waves to keep the frizz at bay. To get the classic wave why not use our Glamour Curler from our Carmen by Samantha range.

Tip Two

Why not go for a tied up effortless hairstyle, either a messy bun or sleek ponytail, whichever you prefer both ensure your hair is out of the way and easy to manage so that come rain or storm your hair will be on top form!

Tip Three

The power of the braid never lets us down so why not try loose side braids! This effortless style is not only quick and easy to do but it’s also the perfect look to complement any outfit and ensure that your hair stays in place all night long!

Hat Dos and Don’ts

We all know that hats are the best accessory to any autumn/winter outfit but there’s a down side… hat hair! It gets us every time but don’t you worry Carmen have got your back, here are some tips to avoid hat hair this weekend.

5 Top Tips and Tricks:

  1. Keep your hair moisturised, with volumising mousse or conditioner
  2. Part your hair to the opposite side and hairspray the roots
  3. Make sure your hair isn’t damp when putting your hat on to prevent unwanted curls and kinks
  4. Use hair styling sheets. Simply run the sheets through your hair and hat beforehand to prevent static streaks (stick with cotton or cashmere hats to avoid this altogether)
  5. Take some dry hair shampoo in your bag with you as back up and take your hat off straight away when you get indoors

If you’re going out this Bonfire night we’d love to see your style! Tag us on any of our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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