Christmas Baking Essentials

Christmas Baking Essentials
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With under a week to go until the big day, now is an ideal time to get ahead of the Christmas panic by preparing some baked items in advance. Cakes, biscuits and desserts are all things that can be made a few days prior so that when it comes to Christmas Eve, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities! Whether your baking festive gingerbread biscuits, a fruit filled Christmas cake, or creating a delicious alternative to Christmas pud, making sure you have the right tools for the job is an absolute must. As such, we’ve put together a handy list of baking essentials to take the stress out of your Christmas food prep and ensure that your Christmas baking endeavours go without a hitch.

In the Mix

Having an arsenal of high quality, dependable appliances is one of the easiest ways to ensure a perfect result for all of your Yuletide bakes and that starts with the preparation. With dried fruits and rich, hearty ingredients taking centre stage, it’s wise to invest in a sturdy mixer. We recommend a time-saving stand mixer, perfect for taking on everything from dense cake mixes to enriched Christmas breads. Click the images below to find out more about these baking products:          For smaller tasks like whipping up a creamy accompaniment to freshly baked mince pies, a hand mixer is perfect, giving you plenty of mixing power, in a lightweight and compact design. Need to quickly blend ingredients? A stick blender is perfect for quick blending jobs, letting you purée, blend and liquidise in seconds.

Space Savers

Between the turkey, the ham, and all of the other savoury accompaniments taking up those oven shelves, there’s often not a lot of space for baking during the festive season. Investing in something like a mini oven is a great way to ensure that there’s always plenty of oven space while also giving you two extra hob rings. Click the product images to find out more about these products:                               Another good way to free up space is to use a separate appliance like a bread maker. Bread makers are the easy way to create traditionally festive fare like panettone, brioche and even Christmas cake, allowing you to add your ingredients and let the machine do the hard work for you. Even your mince pies can be ready in mere moments with a pie maker, giving you golden pasty and a delicious, freshly baked filling in less than 10 minutes – perfect for those unexpected Christmas visitors!

Festive Alternatives

With gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar free dietary requirements becoming all the more common, finding alternative ingredients for tried and tested Christmas favourites can become top priority. Using vegetables as alternative ingredients in your baking ensures that everyone is catered for and a spiralizer lets you prepare delicate vegetable ribbons in seconds, perfect for use in everything from chocolate brownies to carrot cakes. Click the below images for more info about these festive baking tools:                              Food processors are fantastic multi-functional appliances, perfect for preparing ingredients, with a range of slicing and chopping disks letting you do away with laborious ingredient prep so that you can get on with more important tasks. If you prefer a more hands on method, investing in a high quality knife set will make chopping and slicing your baking ingredients a breeze while also serving you well for all manner of kitchen tasks over the festive period and beyond. Follow our advice and visit the Tower Housewares site where you’ll find all of these great products and more to make sure that all of your baked Christmas creations are absolute crackers.
22 December 2015
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