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Five Hairstyles with One Straightener

The primary purpose of a hair straightener is to achieve a sleek, straight hairstyle, right? What you may not be aware of is how versatile it can be when creating a range of effortless looks, without having to fork out for additional appliances. We’ve put five tempting hairstyles within your grasp so you can choose a different killer look for each working day of the week with the Carmen Digital Straightener.

A Subtle Tousled Wave 

If you’re feeling a tousled beach wave then there are two ways you can create this look. For a more subtle wave, start by taking small sections of hair and twist them tightly into long downward spirals. With your spiralled section in hand, take your straightener and glide the ceramic plates down each one and continue to hold onto the end until each one has cooled.









A Full Depth Wave

For a fuller, more enhanced wave, split your hair into six sections and plait each one as close to the root as you can. Once you have tightly plaited each one, slowly guide the straightener over each braid and allow your hair to fully cool before unravelling those luscious waves.


An Alternative Crimp

To begin your journey to an effortless crimp, take your sectioned hair and place the straightener close to the root, before rotating your wrist backwards then forwards in inch long increments down the strand. Hold the straightener in place for a few seconds each time and repeat across every section until you are left with a full bodied crimp.


An Intense Curl

Create luscious spiral curls by taking sectioned pieces of hair between the straightener and begin by twisting the straightener away from your face in a full rotation, so the strand of hair wraps tightly around the styler. From here you can begin to move the plates down the length of the sectioned hair slowly to produce a bouncing, full bodied curl.








If you want to achieve a salon inspired blow dry, you’ll need to follow the exact same technique as the curling style, but with only a slight twisting angle of the wrist as you work the straightener down each section. This adds all over body to give your tresses that blow dried feel.

Whether it’s sky high volume you’re after or a subtle textured lift, utilise your straightener and create a look to suit every occasion. Make waves this weekend and get Carmen ready with one of these simple hairstyles. Follow our Carmen page on Instagram and tag us in your upcoming post.

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