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How to Style Fine Hair

Fine hair; it can sometimes affect our entire mood and trying to salvage something from the limp and lifeless mass that forms on top of our heads can quickly result in a bad hair day. But Carmen have come together to present you with a few ways you can transform your fine locks into an effortless style that will help you boss the day ahead.   

The Bedtime Bun     

Achieving volume is as simple as putting your tresses up into a loose bun before slumber. Not only will this help you to wake up the next morning to voluminous roots and soft curls, the simple up-do also prevents your hair greasing up against your face and pillow through the night. It’s the simple hair hack that just keeps on giving!            

The Roller Effect

To master the art of root lifting, take it back to basics with a set of hair rollers and the help of the Carmen Hair Dryer Set to accomplish some much needed bounce. With the radial brush accessory in the hair dryer set, separate your hair into sections and add a roller to each one. Once they’re securely in place, take the Carmen hair dryer from the set and angle the hot air across each roller, before locking in the style with the cool shot mode.    

The Ringlet Curl

Create the tight ringlets achieved by the Carmen Chopstick Curler, but without having to choose between your hair appliance and those extra 15 minutes in bed. Split your hair into four equal quarters and tightly twist each section down to the tip. With each twisted section, follow the natural direction of your hair as you guide it back to your head and secure it into a tight little bun with a bobble. Repeat this across each of the four sections and leave overnight to achieve tight, bouncing ringlets the following morning.     

The Thicker Pony

With this style, two ponytails are definitely better than one. Split your hair evenly into an upper and lower section and tie each halved section up into a ponytail close together to create the illusion of a thicker and longer pony. Finish the chosen style by curling your pony with the Carmen Straightener and Curler for a fuller, textured effect.  

The Big, Messy Bun

Put your hair up in a sleek ponytail, pulling it slightly loose to give the illusion of thicker roots. Split the ponytail into two, twisting the pieces around each other to form a spiral and secure with a bobble. Use your fingers to pull each twist slightly loose to create thickness, before wrapping the twisted pony up into a messy bun and secure in place with bobby pins.  

Now that you have been given the tips and tools to craft your tresses into a volumised work of art, you will have discovered just how amazing having fine hair can actually be when it comes to styling. Now take to your Instagram page and tag us in your next hair inspired look.           

As a creative copywriter for all things Carmen, I discuss the latest hair trends and styling inspirations currently gracing the market and how you can use your Carmen hair appliances to achieve them. With a passion for hair, beauty and all things in between, follow me through my blogging journey to discussing how you can style the latest hair trends and get Carmen ready.

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