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Protecting Your Hair from the Summer Heat

Protecting your hair when catching some much needed summer sun may not be your first priority during a holiday. Similar to our skin, it’s important to make sure our hair also receives its own source of UV protection. Here we will highlight some simple changes you can make this holiday season to help keep your hair in tip top condition during exotic trips away.

Cast Some Shade

First things first, before rushing out to find the perfectly positioned sun lounger with your towel and sun cream in hand, remember to take a suitable hat with you to help prevent direct sunlight getting to your scalp. If the hat life just isn’t for you, try working in a headscarf for an effortlessly styled look or go for the easy top knot, making sure the main body and ends of your hair are hidden.

Cleanse and Protect

After a day of salt, sand and sea, hit the shower and lather an SPF protective shampoo across your locks. This will help to form a protective layer to your tresses so you can leave your hat at the hotel and head out for a day of exploring in the sunshine.

Hydration Boost

Taking many households by storm, hair serums are an essential item we recommend packing into your suitcase thanks to their long list of health benefits. Try using an Argan or Moroccan enriched oil during your travels to help keep your hair looking and feeling hydrated in the heat.

Avoid Air Drying 

No one wants to stand blow drying their hair after a day in the heat, but leaving it to air dry can cause more damage than good due to the excess water weight. Put your dryer on its lowest heat setting – or cool shot function if your dryer is lucky enough to have one – and dry your hair at arm’s length to keep hot temperatures at bay.

With a mojito in hand, your sun creamed torso soaking in the vitamin D and your hat casting shade across your UV protected locks, you can now sit back, relax and enjoy your all-inclusive retreat.

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