Quick Christmas Recipes Playlist

Quick Christmas Recipes Playlist
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Here at Tower, we love Christmas and we love Christmas food, so it’s no surprise that we’ve spent hours scouring YouTube for the best quick and easy festive recipes that we can rustle up over the holidays. Check out these five festive recipe videos that we reckon will make your culinary Christmas one to remember…

A little bit of give and bake

YouTube vlogging sensation Tanya Burr is perhaps more commonly associated with fashion and beauty but in this useful little video she indulges in  a spot of festive baking and turns out to be a dab had at it too! If you’re after some speedy sweet offerings to serve up when the snow outside is falling then Ms Burr’s cupcakes and triple hot chocolate will sort you out no(el) end.

Stuffing stuff

You can always rely on Nigella to add a little spice to kitchen proceedings and this Christmas is no different. Jazz up your bird this year by watching this not at all innuendo-packed video from BBC Food in which the queen of family cooking shows us how to make a fabulously festive sage and Italian-inspired stuffed turkey breast.

Logging on

Nothing says Christmas than the sight of a huge Yuletide log greeting you after dinner – the folks at the excellent Sorted Food know this, which is why they’ve neatly wrapped up this simple but delicious recipe up in a nice little 10 minute package. Follow the steps to make this alcohol-infused Swiss roll and you’ll have your guests eating out of your hand (not literally, that’d be both wrong and a waste of all those paper plates you bought).

Hamming it up

Perhaps best known for her stint in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, chef Rosemary Shrager has racked up countless years as a chef both on TV and at some of the UK’s best regarded restaurants. In this video from Food Network UK the quintessentially British cook shows us how to prepare lovely, tender roasted ham and a zingy, mustard-infused honey glaze. Mmmm.

Giving you the bird

This feature couldn’t justifiably call itself a Christmas recipes playlist if it failed to include a video for succulent turkey – so here it is! Part of fantastic foodie channel Gastro Lab’s Classic Christmas Menu series, this nicely shot vid shows you how to simply but effectively jazz up your festive roast with a bit of sage, butter and bacon. If the jingly soundtrack will fails to put you in a Christmassy mood, we don’t know what will. These handy recipes will come in handy in the Tower kitchen over the festive period and we think they’ll prove useful for your own cooking endeavours this Christmas too. If you know of any quick and easy yuletide recipes that our readers should definitely know about, let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll do our best to highlight them across our social channels.
11 December 2015
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