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Are Friends Electric? Getting to Grips with the Tower 5 Litre Electric Multi-Function Pressure Cooker

Our latest efforts have seen a wealth of technology infused pressure cookers hit the shelves, one of the most recent being the Tower 5 Litre Multi-Function Electric Pressure Cooker...
20 March 2015
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Touchy Subject: Getting to Grips with the Tower One Touch Pressure Cooker

Tower has been at the forefront of the pressure cooker revolution and our latest product, the Tower 6 Litre Stainless Steel One-Touch Pressure Cooker, has moved the goalposts yet again...
14 March 2015
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Digital vs.Traditional Pressure Cookers: What’s The Difference?

Those who’ve read our recent A Brief History of Pressure Cooking feature you’ll know that the pressure cooker is an intriguing appliance with a long and illustrious history...
5 January 2015
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Merry Christmas From All At Tower

Season’s greetings from all at Tower! We hope that all your Christmas wishes came true and you found all that you wanted under your tree this morning...
25 December 2014
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