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The Wonders Of Collagen and Why You Should Be More Aware Of It

Waking up to bad skin or limp, lifeless hair never sets you up for a good start to the day. And we are often left feeling like there isn’t much we can do about it. But what if there is?

Collagen forms one of the most important proteins in the body and helps significantly with the structural repair process of our skin and hair. As we get older our bodies’ natural collagen production levels reduce a great deal, but fortunately, collagen can be added into our diets either as a pill or powder supplement or in a drink form.   


Here at Carmen HQ, we first became aware of the wonders of collagen whilst exploring the benefits of derma rolling. When break outs form and acne scars take shape on our face, it is the production of collagen that we owe thanks to for helping with our skin’s healing process.    

For anyone affected by acne scars and blemishes, the derma roller has quickly become the best and most cost effective tool that works by gently pricking the top layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and speeding up the recovery process to rid your skin of blemishes and scars.


Our hair goes through a lot, from monthly hair dye treatments to the intense heat imposed by our favoured hair appliances. So it’s safe to say our tresses definitely deserve the occasional argan enriched hair mask! Adding a daily collagen supplement to your diet can also give the additional boost of health your hair needs, adding some much needed shine to the hair follicle.  

Derma rolling has also been speculated to have positive effects when applied to baby hairs across the hairline, helping to stimulate growth so you can achieve a sleek ponytail without those baby’s escaping.

Collagen enriched foods

Taking a daily supplement isn’t always your only method of boosting collagen production. There are a significant number of foods which can help to boost these levels and can be found in chicken and pork skin, fish, eggs, milk and citrus fruits.   

Now you’ve been educated on the benefits collagen can have on your face and hair, research has also shown that it can also help to improve wrinkle depth and reduce joint aches and pains. Who knew this small protein would quickly become the all rounder we never knew we had!

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