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Attending a wedding is the best excuse to treat yourself to brand new clothes and create a fabulous new hairstyle for yourself to celebrate your friend’s special day. And with the Royal Wedding this week we’ve been looking at some amazing hairstyles to try out for just the occasion. We’ve put together a how-to guide for creating these stunning styles with ease, so that you can look back and flick through those wedding photos knowing you looked flawless.



Braided Bun


Who says you can’t rock buns and braids? By creating the braided bun, this easy hairstyle adds a twist on the usual day-to-day wear whilst also sure to look great in all of the many, many selfies we know you’re going to be taking.

To Create:

Begin by splitting your hair into a harsh side parting on the right hand side

Separate a thick section of hair on the heavier side and gently begin to braid. As you work your hair down, incorporate outer sections of your hair into the braid to work it into your style.

Continue working your braid down as normal and tie with a hair elastic.

With the remaining sections of hair on either side of the head, gather together and create low messy bun.

Gently pull out strands and secure with bobby pins for a finished, classy style.


Hollywood Glamour Curls

curly hair

Nothing oozes modern class quite like a head of gorgeous Hollywood curls. Easy to create and so versatile, this look goes with any outfit whilst adding instant volume to your look.

To Create:

Tie up the majority of your hair, leaving the lower layers loose.

Split the lower layer into 1-3 inch sections, depending on how thick you want your curls to be.

Gently wrap your hair around our Professional Conical Wand Pro

Run your fingers around your curls to tighten them slightly.

Repeat this with each section of your hair until all layers are curled and fix with hairspray.

Alternatively, if you want to save yourself time and hassle, why not let Carmen do the hard work with our Samantha Salon Glamour Curls, so that you can save time getting ready and more time taking selfies.


Bouffant Ponytail


To add a little more of a retro feel to your look, have a go at creating the bouffant ponytail. For instant height and volume whilst keeping the length of your hair, this look takes you from day to night with ease.

To Create:

Pull back a top section of hair from the top of your crown into a small ponytail and secure with a small, clear hair elastic.

Push the ponytail towards your head until your roots pouf out to the desired height and pin to keep the bouffant just-so, and fix with hair spray.

Next, sweep all of your hair into a ponytail and secure right under the clear hair elastic to make it less visible.

Fix your style with hairspray to hold in place, so that you can enjoy the wedding without worry!


Super, Sleek and Straight


If you’re wanting a sleek, smooth finish whilst not drawing attention away from your ah-mazing outfit, poker straight hair is the way to go.

To Create:

Begin with freshly washed hair. If you have natural curls and kinks in your hair, use a smoothing serum to smooth out those kinks before beginning your style.

Blow-dry your hair using our Temptation 2200W Compact Hair Dryer with Folding Handle. To create that sleek style, run your hairdryer through with a paddle brush to tame any natural fly aways.

Splitting your hair into sections, begin with your lower layers and work your way up, running your hair through with our Samantha Cordless Rechargeable Hair Straighteners to hold that poker straight finish whilst our built-in Keratin Protech technology also protects your hair in the process.

With decades of hair and beauty experience behind us, we know what it takes to achieve great results every time and that knowledge goes into each and every one of our products. Specially designed for women who work hard and play harder, our product ranges are developed with your hectic schedule in mind. Our know-how allows us to create appliances that help you create your individual style and make that touch of everyday glamour that little bit easier to achieve. From personal care to hair and beauty, Carmen will make sure you’re ready for anything and everything.

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