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    How to Style Fine Hair
    Dec 5th
    Fine hair; it can sometimes affect our entire mood and trying to salvage something from the limp and lifeless mass that forms on top of our heads can quickly resul... read more
    The Wonders Of Collagen and Why You Should Be More Aware Of It
    Oct 31st
    Waking up to bad skin or limp, lifeless hair never sets you up for a good start to the day. And we are often left feeling like there isn’t much we can do about i... read more
    Protecting Your Hair from the Summer Heat
    Aug 9th
    Protecting your hair when catching some much needed summer sun may not be your first priority during a holiday. Similar to our skin, it’s important to make sure o... read more
    The Return of the Hair Accessory Trend
    Jul 17th
    June marked the official start of summer and what better way to show off our enthusiasm for the season than to showcase some effortless looks you can create using a... read more
    Five Hairstyles with One Straightener
    May 3rd
    The primary purpose of a hair straightener is to achieve a sleek, straight hairstyle, right? What you may not be aware of is how versatile it can be when creating a... read more
    To Perm or Not To Perm: That Is the Question
    Mar 4th
    Perms have come a long way since the frizzy bouffant Mum would rock back in the day. Now with minimal damage to your hair and the choice between so many perm styles... read more
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